Oil heat is the major source of heat in the Northeast, United States. With over 30 years of oil delivery and burner service on Long Island, Discount Fuel is a leader in offering consumers the best price possible on quality Heating Oil/BioFuel. Discount Fuel is the only discount or C.O.D. Company on Long Island with over 600,000 gallons of Heating Oil/BioFuel storage available at its own facility. As a C.O.D. based company we are price conscious and that is the reason we are able to offer the lowest daily prices. With the market being as unpredictable as it has been for the past several years, we are committed to finding the best prices available and passing that savings on to you, our customers.

Discount Fuel also offers burner service as well as service contracts for your heating system. From Oct.- April we have our burner service technicians ready to solve your heating problems and offer 24/7 phone service so you can always reach someone on our staff. From May-September our service team has scheduled appointments. Discount Fuel has state of the art delivery equipment making sure you get what you pay for, as well as a team of drivers that have many years experience in the oil delivery field. Our on-line ordering system is both secure and convenient so you can order 24/7 365 days a year. If you choose to contact us by phone, our phone staff has customer service as their number one priority and will be able to help you with all of your needs

Unlike most fuel oil websites we are not only the actual Company but we own our own fuel storage tanks!
No middle man when ordering oil securely from us!
Discount Fuel offers Heating Oil/BioFuel, automatic deliveries and burner services. We offer great fuel at competitive prices, with easy online ordering so you can get the fuel delivery you need when you need it. We deliver only quality Heating Oil/BioFuel which is backed by our attentive customer service. We use our own fleet of trucks for fuel delivery, meaning we’re not middlemen, we’re the source. This allows us to provide our customers across Long Island with reliable access to the discount fuel they are looking for. Our Discount Fuel online ordering system means you can order quickly, keep track of orders you have placed, and have 24/7 access. While we pride ourselves on some of the best Heating Oil/BioFuel prices on Long Island, we remind our customers that "We sell oil cheap, NOT cheap oil!

Discount Fuel is proud to be delivering BioFuel (B20) to its customers. Whether you need Heating Oil/BioFuel, hot water heater or burner services, we look forward to assisting you with competitive prices and great service every time. Discount Fuel serves customers on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.