Long Island Oil Delivery & Refill Services

If you use oil heat to power your home or business, then you already know how affordable and reliable it is as an energy source. If you’re looking for reliable heating oil delivery and burner service on Long Island, you’ve come to the right place! For over 35 years, we at Discount-Fuel.com have been providing homeowners and business owners with this reliable and affordable fuel source for all of their heating needs. Finding a heating oil delivery and service provider who offers exceptional customer service and dependable delivery can be difficult! That’s why we work hard to exceed your expectations every time we do a delivery or service for you. You can trust us for all of your oil-fueling needs. Whether you need oil delivery, tank installation, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the oil professionals at Discount Fuel!


Need an Oil Delivery?

If you need a heating oil delivery, requesting oil from Discount Fuel is easier than you think. We maintain our promise for on-time deliveries and exceptional customer service with every job we do because keeping our customers completely satisfied with our products and service is our priority. If you need a refill, place a delivery request today. Remember to always place an order before or when your tank is at ¼ full.


Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Want to make getting your fuel even easier? Let Discount Fuel take ordering and scheduling deliveries for your home or business off your to-do list for good! When you enroll in automatic delivery, we monitor your tank for you and bring refills when you need them. You don’t even have to be there when we deliver. It’s so simple! Leave your tank levels to the experts and worry less about running out of heat or power. Our highly trained and experienced team will keep your tank full with a regular delivery schedule based on your usage and degree-day calculations. If you want to learn more about how we monitor your tank levels, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Automatic Oil Delivery Benefits

  • Reliable fuel delivery
  • More effective fill-ups, lower annual costs
  • Protection from no-fuel damage
  • Reduced need for emergency service
  • Total convenience all winter long


Monitor Your Oil Tank for a Refill

Want to stay on will-call oil delivery? No problem! Oil tank monitors are a convenient and effortless way to monitor your fuel usage and know when it’s time to order a refill. When you have a monitor to tell you when it’s time to order fuel, you never have to worry about running out or getting too low as long as you order on time. You can check your fuel level at any time from your smartphone using the mobile app. You’ll never have another moment of panic when you remember you haven’t checked your fuel gauge in a while. With the monitoring system, customers can order fuel in larger quantities less frequently and benefit from bulk discounts. As us for a tank monitor today.


Trust the Experts at Discount-Fuel.com

When it comes to providing fuel and power to residents on Long Island, we’ve been doing it for a long time, and we know how to do it right! Whenever you need a refill on your tank, contact the oil delivery experts at Discount Fuel.


Unlike most fuel oil websites we are not only the actual Company but we own our own fuel storage tanks!
No middle man when ordering oil securely from us!
Discount Fuel offers Heating Oil/BioFuel, automatic deliveries and burner services. We offer great fuel at competitive prices, with easy online ordering so you can get the fuel delivery you need when you need it. We deliver only quality Heating Oil/BioFuel which is backed by our attentive customer service. We use our own fleet of trucks for fuel delivery, meaning we’re not middlemen, we’re the source. This allows us to provide our customers across Long Island with reliable access to the discount fuel they are looking for. Our Discount Fuel online ordering system means you can order quickly, keep track of orders you have placed, and have 24/7 access. While we pride ourselves on some of the best Heating Oil/BioFuel prices on Long Island, we remind our customers that "We sell oil cheap, NOT cheap oil!

Discount Fuel is proud to be delivering BioFuel (B20) to its customers. Whether you need Heating Oil/BioFuel, hot water heater or burner services, we look forward to assisting you with competitive prices and great service every time. Discount Fuel serves customers on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.