The Benefits of BioFuel

Are you looking for a greener, cleaner alternative than traditional home heating oil? Making the switch to cleaner-burning BioFuel is easy and cost-effective. At, we offer the best pricing possible on your delivery of BioFuel on Long Island. BioFuel, as a new home heating resource, comes with plenty of benefits and energy savings for your home comfort budget. Maximize your savings on your next delivery by ordering BioFuel. BioFuel is a blend of low sulfur home heating oil and biodiesel, which is made from renewable, cleaner-burning heating resources.

How can you save?

In more ways than one! Now that the New York State Legislature has mandated that all heating oil contain a bio blend, Discount Fuel has been diligent in making sure that you get the best qualifying BioFuel (B20). Qualified B20 is a fuel that meets the ASTM D6751 requirements. When you use BioFuel, you can receive the Clean Heating Fuel Credit, which is a 20¢ per gallon tax credit on all of your purchases of B20 from Discount Fuel. Those savings really add up!

Plus, BioFuel is a lot better for your heating equipment thanks to its cleaner burn and superior lubrication qualities. Experience fewer issues with your oil-fired appliances, require less maintenance, and extend the life of your heating oil equipment when you use BioFuel as your primary energy resource. Even better, there’s no need to make any modification to any of your traditional oil-fired equipment. Regular oil-fired appliances can use BioFuel without a problem.


Advantages of Using BioFuel for Home Heating

  • Biofuel emissions are 90% less toxic than petro-diesel.
  • Biofuel benefits American farmers, American businesses, and the national economy.
  • Biofuel is a renewable fuel source.
  • Biofuel is rapidly biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Biofuel is safer to transport.
  • Biofuel has superior lubrication quality than that of diesel fuel.
  • Biofuel saves money.
  • Engines running on biofuel run normally and have similar fuel mileage to engines
  • Running on diesel fuel.
  • Biofuel has a pleasant aroma in comparison to the toxic smell of petroleum diesel fuel.
  • Biofuel can be stored anywhere that petroleum diesel fuel is stored.
  • No need to make any modification to your existing heating equipment.
  • Biofuel can be used alone or mixed in any amount with petroleum diesel fuel.


Order BioFuel Today

At Discount Fuel, we offer the best pricing possible and an unmatched, quality delivery service on Long Island. There is absolutely no downfall to using BioFuel for your oil-fired equipment—it’s a win-win! BioFuel is better for your heating equipment, your home comfort budget, your and your family’s health, and the environment. When you’re ready to place your delivery request and earn 20¢ off per gallon, easily make a request on our website. Ordering online is easy, convenient, and fast on our website. We want to make requesting delivery as convenient as possible for our customers, so log on today, and your BioFuel delivery is only a few clicks away.


Discount Fuel offers over 30 years of oil delivery and burner service on Long Island.  Discount Fuel is a leader in offering the consumers the best price possible on Heating Oil/BioFuel.

If you have any questions or concerns about BioFuel please email us.

Now that the NYS Legislature has mandated that all Heating Oil contain a Bio blend Discount Fuel has been diligent in making sure that you get the best Qualified Heating Oil/BioFuel (B20)available. Qualified B20 is fuel that meets the ASTM D6751 requirements.

At the bottom of this page is a downloadable NYS Claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit where now you can receive a 20 cent per gallon tax credit on all of your purchases of B20 from Discount Fuel.

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N.Y. Form IT-241 Instructions

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