Is heating oil more expensive than natural gas?

A: There are many aspects of this question:

First, it’s important to know that prices for all home heating options are going up.

Second, heating oil is traded every day, with price changes every day. However when oil goes up in usually comes back down. Unlike the natural gas utilities when they raise prices for natural gas, they almost never go back down again!

Third, keeps heating oil prices as low as possible through good old fashioned competition .We consider ourselves a local Long Island business and understand the value of superior customer service. A public utility just can’t match our dedication.

Finally, consider the long term costs. Oil furnaces last significantly longer than other options, averaging 30 years compared to 15 years for a typical gas furnace. It is a fact that  a gallon of home heating oil produces more heat compared to a comparable amount of natural gas. This means, your home heats up faster and stays warmer longer—which saves you money.

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